Hengda New Material is a limited liability company carring out operation model of modern civil enterprise with clear ownership and management right. The company enjoys registered capital of 10 million yuan and area of 180,000sq.m.,locating in Huzhen Industrial zone,Longyou,Zhejiang,where geographical position is ascendant and traffic is convenient.
       "Fifteen" Programming of company will set up three to five internation high-tech production lines for special paper so as to realize 25,000 tons yearly throughput and more than 55 million sales revenue.Furthermore,the company will create a better future with various individuation paper of "Green Environmental Protection".
       The company enphasizes on enterprise cultural construction,brings forward "Product stands for moral quality",carries forward man as base,respect intellective enterprise cultural kernel,upgrades life value of personnel and enhances personnel's collectivism and enterprise cohesion.Moreover,we possess a team with personnel of proper structure,rice experience,advanced technique,sincere attitude,efficient innovation and more high integrative staff,in which 85% got educational degrees from college and technical secondary school.With excellent character,Henda People is strenuously creating Hengda Elaborate Works in customer's heart.
       The company sticks to developing the road of unique,exceeding,challenging and innovating,carries out comprehensive cooperation with domestic famous academies and scientific research institutions in aspects of teaching, science research and "Four News" to successfully occupy key position of technology and market.
       Today,maybe you don't know about us!Tomorrow,you will build the solid connection with us!